About us

DANFIS is a tax consulting company focused on medium and small companies, entrepreneurs, and private individuals.

Our principles


We will always be there for you in all types of working arrangements.


We work closely with a renowned law office.


We communicate on-line, quickly and safely.

We're a tax consulting company

We focus on medium-sized and small companies, entrepreneurs, and private individuals.

  • As a tax consulting company, DANFIS is registered with the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic.
  • We provide comprehensive services in the area of taxes and accounting.
  • We cover the entire Czech Republic.
  • We’re professionals in a field that we enjoy, and we have a clear vision of our business.

The latest technology

We use the latest technology and we communicate on-line, quickly, and safely. We’ll be there for you whether you decide on a long-term working relationship or use our services on a one-off basis.

Your relevant information will be available to you on-line 24/7 wherever you connect to the internet or via mobile data.

At the same time, our priority is the security of your data, which are protected with the latest technologies and backed up securely.

We use artificial intelligence to mine data from documents as well as automation of document circulation and approval.

Our partners

In the area of law, we cooperate closely with a renowned law office. You can therefore also make use of our services when starting a new company or during transformation.

Our vision

DANFIS is a modern tax consulting company using the latest technologies and trends to ensure high-quality services. Our success is primarily based on knowledge, reliability, communication, and teamwork. Our business is based on properly understanding our clients. We’re not afraid of changes and look for opportunities in new trends. We enjoy our work, which is why its results bring us respect and recognition

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DANFIS is insured by law. We've signed up to the Code of Ethics of the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic and participate in a continuous education programme.