Tax consulting

Every field has its specifics, and hence our work is varied and forces us to constantly educate and develop ourselves. We'll be there for you whether you are a new company, an e-shop operator, a developer, a doctor, a programmer, or perhaps you just rent out property. We communicate actively with our clients, inform them regularly of changes in tax and accounting legislation, and on their impact on their business.

We provide comprehensive services in the area of the following taxes


income tax

income tax

Road tax

Property tax

What we can help you with in the area of taxes

Complete administration of your taxes based on a long-term contract

Compilation and submission of tax returns to the relevant tax office

Deferral of the income tax return due date by three months

Tax optimization

One-off consulting of tax issues by client request

Written opinions

Preparation of appeals of tax administrator decisions

Preparation of applications for refund of taxes paid abroad

Representation during tax audits, site visits, or other dealings with the tax office

Explanation of tax implications and risks during the decision-making process for business transactions and investments (We highly recommend consultation prior to performing the transaction.)

Why you should use us


As a tax consulting company, DANFIS is registered with the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic.


We are required by law to have liability insurance for damage caused while providing tax consultancy and related services.


We are bound by an obligation to maintain confidentiality regarding information our clients give us during tax consultancy.


During tax consultancy, we protect our clients' rights and legitimate interests.


Roman N.

As the owner and managing director of a company involved in ecological waste disposal, I appreciate the extensive experience in the area of management and investment decision-making that DANFIS has. Based on calculations we re-evaluated some investments into expanding and modernizing our production plant. At the same time, based on recommendations from DANFIS, we adjusted corporate processes and employee’s work activities.

Roman N.

Jan L.

Our development company uses DANFIS services to outsource its accounting and for tax advice when implementing our projects. We especially appreciate the certainty in the area of taxes and especially VAT that the ability to regularly consult a tax adviser gives us. Thanks to DANFIS, we can evaluate and plan ahead for tax implications.

Jan L.