The hotline was created due to the purely practical needs of some of our clients who are pressed for time or need to quickly solve a problem that has cropped up during routine operation and don't have anyone to turn to, or the necessary specialist has no time.

We provide hotlines in the area of

On-line tax/accounting consultant

Tax hotline

On-line tax/accounting consultant

A client or for example their accountant can consult issues in the area of accounting and taxes with us for an agreed flat monthly fee. We’ll answer as quickly and succinctly as possible, providing a reference to provisions of the legislation covering the given issue. Often this involves queries when the client is not entirely sure if they are proceeding properly and need to check that they’ve chosen the right solution. A number of such queries are also elicited by frequent legislative changes and the related uncertainty regarding practical application of new provisions. You can always be sure with a tax adviser behind you.

For our long-term clients, this service is free!

Tax hotline

Did you realize that your tax return is due tomorrow, and you don’t have anyone to complete it for you? Don’t worry, that’s why our tax hotline is there, for cases when you need “saving” and someone to draw up your tax return for the next day, over the weekend, a holiday, and so on. If you give us all the required documentation and the deadline can be met, we’ll be glad to help you.

This service is subject to an extra fee.

Why you should use us


As a tax consulting company, DANFIS is registered with the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic.


We are required by law to have liability insurance for damage caused while providing tax consultancy and related services.


We are bound by an obligation to maintain confidentiality regarding information our clients give us during tax consultancy.


During tax consultancy, we protect our clients' rights and legitimate interests.


Roman N.

As the owner and managing director of a company involved in ecological waste disposal, I appreciate the extensive experience in the area of management and investment decision-making that DANFIS has. Based on calculations we re-evaluated some investments into expanding and modernizing our production plant. At the same time, based on recommendations from DANFIS, we adjusted corporate processes and employee’s work activities.

Roman N.

Jan L.

Our development company uses DANFIS services to outsource its accounting and for tax advice when implementing our projects. We especially appreciate the certainty in the area of taxes and especially VAT that the ability to regularly consult a tax adviser gives us. Thanks to DANFIS, we can evaluate and plan ahead for tax implications.

Jan L.