Consulting for new companies and entrepreneurs

We admire everyone with the courage to start a business, which is why we offer new companies and entrepreneurs this comprehensive service, which will make it easier for you to navigate the endless quantity of accounting and tax regulations while ensuring that your business's accounting and taxes are fully under control.

We'll help you orient yourself and give you good advice


Process creation

Configuration and optimization


You can choose from the services below

Incorporation in cooperation with a renowned law office

Registration for all necessary taxes

Creation of corporate rules for accounting and internal processes

Calculation of your business plan, return on investment, documents for obtaining an operating or investment loan

Configuration of accounting document circulation

Help with the selection and configuration of an accounting system/accounting outsourcing

Drawing up appropriate accounting methodology

Specification of source data as a basis for high-quality reporting

Tax optimization – initial consultation related to planned activity

A description of the company’s internal processes and design of internal controls

An individual approach

The scope and selection of services can be configured to the client’s individual requirements. The objective is to alert you to your key responsibilities in the area of taxes and accounting, to choose an appropriate accounting/financial system, and to configure proper data structure with regard to management’s future decision-making needs. This is because every subsequent change is accompanied by complications in the form of changes to methodology and data incongruities for certain periods. This is why it is desirable to configure the system with the final situation in mind, even if your business is only starting out. Aside from the above services, we will also provide you with a number of practical experiences. Equally important is the correct configuration of processes taking place in the company.


Most successful business projects start with a good idea, a vision involving the creation of something that is missing on the market. But success depends not only on successful implementation of this vision, but also on securing project financing, proper accounting, and compliance with tax obligations. And these last points are what we’re prepared to help promising start-ups with.

If we find your business idea interesting, you may be surprised what terms we may offer you. We’re looking for interesting investment opportunities and are prepared to use our experience to also support interesting business ideas. Let us know about your business idea and together we’ll evaluate it and agree on possible cooperation.

Why you should use us


As a tax consulting company, DANFIS is registered with the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic.


We are required by law to have liability insurance for damage caused while providing tax consultancy and related services.


We are bound by an obligation to maintain confidentiality regarding information our clients give us during tax consultancy.


During tax consultancy, we protect our clients' rights and legitimate interests.


Roman N.

As the owner and managing director of a company involved in ecological waste disposal, I appreciate the extensive experience in the area of management and investment decision-making that DANFIS has. Based on calculations we re-evaluated some investments into expanding and modernizing our production plant. At the same time, based on recommendations from DANFIS, we adjusted corporate processes and employee’s work activities.

Roman N.

Jan L.

Our development company uses DANFIS services to outsource its accounting and for tax advice when implementing our projects. We especially appreciate the certainty in the area of taxes and especially VAT that the ability to regularly consult a tax adviser gives us. Thanks to DANFIS, we can evaluate and plan ahead for tax implications.

Jan L.